The Spinning Particle Model

The Classic Model
of the Electron
The Spinning Particle Model of the Electron
Some Predictions
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Explaining the Questions raised by the Classical Model
Negative charges
Attracting each other
Graphical Particle Collision Solver
Particle & Wave Behavior
Tunnel Effect
Spin Polarized Tunnelling (Giant Magnetoresistance)
Theory of Radiation
Gyromagnetic Ratio g=2
Measuring the Size
of the Electron
The Hydrogen Atom Model
Relativity: Time and Spedd
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Annex 1:
Calculating the Spin
   The Spinning Particle Model


 Once the spin direction is fixed, and when looking in that direction, the motion of the CC is counterclockwise for the particle while it is clockwise for the   antiparticle. Matter is left-handed while antimatter is right-handed.
The antiparticle motion is the time reversed motion of the particle, and because the charge is  opposite both objects have the same relative orientation between spin and magnetic moment. The ground state of the positronium (electron + positron) and neutral pion (quark + antiquark), corroborates this prediction. (more info)
M. Rivas