The Spinning Particle Model

The Classic Model
of the Electron
The Spinning Particle Model of the Electron
Some Predictions
of this model are:
Explaining the Questions raised by the Classical Model
Negative charges
Attracting each other
Graphical Particle Collision Solver
Particle & Wave Behavior
Tunnel Effect
Spin Polarized Tunnelling (Giant Magnetoresistance)
Theory of Radiation
Gyromagnetic Ratio g=2
Measuring the Size
of the Electron
The Hydrogen Atom Model
Relativity: Time and Spedd
A brief summary
of the ideas exposed
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Annex 1:
Calculating the Spin
   The Spinning Particle Model

 The Classic Model of the Electron (I)

  We usually think of an electron as a little sphere with negative
  charge turning around itself…
Some of its known characteristics are:
•It is a fundamental particle, not known to have substructure, that is, it is not known to be made up of smaller particles
•Charge: -e     −1,6 × 10−19 Coulombs
•Spin:  ½ (in units of Planck’s constant, h)
•Mass: 0,511   MeV/c2 = 9,1 × 10−31 kg
•Size: <10−19 m
•Gyromagnetic ratio g=2
  And usually assumed:
  •The Center of Mass (CM) and the Center of Charge (CC) are both
   at the center  of this “sphere”.
    But this model raises some questions:
M. Rivas