The Spinning Particle Model

The Classic Model
of the Electron
The Spinning Particle Model of the Electron
Some Predictions
of this model are:
Explaining the Questions raised by the Classical Model
Negative charges
Attracting each other
Graphical Particle Collision Solver
Particle & Wave Behavior
Tunnel Effect
Spin Polarized Tunnelling (Giant Magnetoresistance)
Theory of Radiation
Gyromagnetic Ratio g=2
Measuring the Size
of the Electron
The Hydrogen Atom Model
Relativity: Time and Spedd
A brief summary
of the ideas exposed
Discussion Forum
Annex 1:
Calculating the Spin
   The Spinning Particle Model

 Spin Polarized Tunneling (Giant Magneto-resistive materials)

It is the effect produced by an external magnetic field in the behavior of an electric current with a potential barrier.
The resistivity is highly decreased by polarizing the electrons.
These materials are named Giant Magnetoresistive materials. The resistivity is changed by an external magnetic field.
M. Rivas